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Ancient Greece Facts

Ancient Greece was one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen. During it's nearly one thousand years of existence it made important contributions in areas including science, politics, art, and architecture. Some of these accomplishments are known by every kid who ever picked up a history book and others will be less known. On this site you will find pages of interesting information containing lists of ancient Greece facts. You will find answers to such questions as where this great civilization was located, who some of the important people were, what some of their amazing achievements were, and the great wars and battles they were involved in. Below you will find a timeline of the major periods in Greek history.

Periods of Ancient Greece Facts

Greek Dark Age (1100 BC - 800 BC)

Greece Archaic Period (800 BC - 500 BC)

Greece Classical Period (500 BC - 323 BC)

Hellenistic period (323 BC - 31 BC)